Chi Massage machine


The Chi Machine moves the entire spine through the ankles.
Up to the crown of your head, all vertebrae are moved very slightly like a fish moving in water.
It is this movement that not only balances the spine, but also ensures optimal blood flow and relaxation of the back muscles.
That in itself would be reason enough to recommend to everyone. But the strong healing effect of the chi machine also lies in the fact that precisely this movement increases the oxygen content of the blood.

Due to the lateral movement of the spine, the pressure on the vertebrae is reduced and one gets a feeling of well-being.
When we see a fish swimming, we find that the left-right movement of its tail produces a gentle movement of each vertebra. From this phenomenon, Dr. Inoue his inspiration and called it "the Goldfish Method".


The smallest living particle in our body is the cell. Our body consists of about 75 trillion cells. In this cell a very important combustion reaction - also called oxidation reaction - takes place, necessary for the survival of the cell.
In order for a combustion reaction to run smoothly, we need a fuel, oxygen (O2) and energy: FUEL + OXYGEN + ENERGY

These components are also absolutely necessary in the cell. We get fuel from our food, mainly in the form of carbohydrates. Oxygen is present in the air around us and we also get energy from food.
When we bring these components together, a combustion or oxidation occurs. The end result of this reaction contains waste, carbon dioxide (CO2) and energy: FUEL + OXYGEN + ENERGY = WASTE + CARBON DIOXIDE + ENERGY

The waste is removed from the cell and our body, carbon dioxide is exhaled and it is the energy that enables our cell to function.
Since we have built up reserves of food (fuel and energy) in our body in the form of fats, oxygen remains the most important part of this combustion reaction. Life is therefore impossible without oxygen.

A lack of oxygen in the cells can result in weakening of the immune system, or heart problems, fatigue and sleep disturbances, breathing problems, muscle stiffness, depression, stress, etc.
An optimal oxygen content is very important for the body to function properly. Suppose we have no air for 10 minutes, then we die from lack of oxygen. If we get enough air, but the oxygen can't get to all our cells, it's not a serious acute problem, but a whole list of chronic health problems.


The frequency is tuned to the average heart rate and to the natural rhythm of the "craniosacral fluid or cerebrospinal fluid". This is the fluid that sits between the meninges and spinal cord membranes. The movement of this fluid evokes a dynamic in the meninges and cranial bones, creating the cranio-sacral rhythm. When the rhythm is disrupted by tension in the meninges, the movement in the skull bones, spine and sacrum is also partially blocked, which can make certain bodily functions more difficult. That is why cranio-sacral therapy is aimed at removing blockages within the rhythmic cranio-sacral system.
When the frequency of the Chi machine comes into resonance with natural body rhythms, this results in an optimal flow of our bodily fluids, a higher oxygen supply and better organ functions. Through these passive aerobic exercises we do not use energy, the heart rate and blood pressure do not increase and we still enjoy the benefits of oxygen supply, better blood flow and energy, just like sports.

The number of causes of these complaints are: bad posture, stress, poor nutrition and too little exercise.
Together they are responsible for the vast majority of the health problems of Western people.

Through daily use of the Chi Machine you have daily movement in your entire spine up to the neck. This reduces the stress in the muscles, the joints become flexible, so that your complaints disappear like snow in the sun. Many customers are pain free because of our chi Machines.

So do you suffer from: Back pain of the middle back,  Low back pain, Spit back pain, Back pain upper back, Neck pain, do the chi machine test with us and convince yourself.

After fifteen minutes, when the Chi Massenger stops shaking, the sensation that screeches through your body is truly indescribable.